Tail Gunners

TNA - Tom Amies

Detour - Shaun Roy

Rob Croteau

Hawk - Dana Goldhawk

Todd Hodge

Puff Daddy - Paul Labbe



Meddal - Albert Shields

Zooby - Jeff Pietz




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Southern Cruisers Riding Club - All Riders Welcome



  • Will assist the Road Captain in the performance of his or her duties.

  • May be required to assume the duties of Road Captain in his or her absence.

  • Will be responsible for bringing a First Aid kit to the ride.

  • Will be responsible for bringing a well-stocked tool kit to the ride.

  • Will ride at the rear of the group (except when conditions dictate otherwise) unless required to take on the responsibilities of The Road Captain.

  • Will be observant of any hazardous conditions or conduct, take immediate corrective action, and inform the Road Captain at the earliest safe opportunity.

  • NOTE: The urgency to inform the Road Captain is left to the discretion of the observing Tail Gunner.

  • Will normally ride where they can see the formation the best.

  • Lane protection is the Tail Gunner's added responsibility. On the highway, as the group prepares to make a lane change, the Tail Gunner will make the lane change as soon as is safe to do so, followed by the Road Captain, then the remainder of the group. In this way, the Tail Gunner protects that lane keeping it clear for the entire group to move into this lane.