Road Captains

Airedale - Peter Hildebrand

Bone - Steve Bone

Chezzy - Michael Froment

Cowdrey - Terry Cowdrey - Senior RC

Dainer - Chris Horrocks

Big E - Erick Tuin

Medic - Syl Lepine - Alternate RC

Pirate - Jamie Lee

Saint - Pat Belfry

Skelly - Rick Skelton

Sexy - Don Sexsmith

Treasure - Becky Lee


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Southern Cruisers Riding Club - All Riders Welcome



  • Has full charge of the group until arrival at the destination.
  • Will lead the group in a manner consistent with the objectives and guidelines as stated herein, and will execute his or her best judgment in situations not specifically covered in these guidelines.
  • Will brief other assigned Road Captains / Tail Gunners as to route, responsibilities, and other details pertinent to the ride prior to departure.
  • Will conduct a rider's briefing prior to departure.
  • Will be responsible for the final decision with regard to ride termination due to inclement weather, hazardous conditions, or other difficult or unsafe conditions.
  • Will instruct any rider to ride in a specific position within the group, or leave the group entirely, for reasons of misconduct, disorderly or unsafe riding, or faulty/unsafe equipment. Common sense and tact should be used.
  • Will be responsible for bringing a well-maintained First Aid kit to the ride.
  • Will be responsible for bringing a well-stocked tool kit to the ride.
  • If possible, bring a cell phone for 911 purposes.
  • Locate other cell phones and first aid kits.
  • Should the Road Captain not possess a cell phone, if possible, designate a 911-notification caller within the group.
  • Will establish and maintain a uniform speed consistent with the ability of the least experienced rider, and with consideration of safe road conditions, traffic, and weather conditions.
  • Will be responsible for initiating all maneuvers within traffic in a "safety first" manner.
  • Will lead the standard formation of a staggered double row, in one traffic lane.
  • Will be at the head of the group, and will ride just to the left of lane center.
  • Will maintain a safe following distance by using the MINIMUM 3-second rule between the group and any vehicle ahead. This distance may be increased at the discretion of the Road Captain, but will NOT be decreased.
  • Will command the group to a single file formation when they cannot maintain visual control of the road conditions ahead over a MINIMUM of a 4 second distance, narrow road, mountain/curvy roads, traveling directly adjacent to parked vehicles, or any other condition which may severely restrict the ability of individual group members to perform emergency avoidance maneuvers.