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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does it cost to join Southern Cruisers?
  2. Do I have to buy a vest and patches?
  3. I just got my M1. Can I ride with your group?
  4. I bought a scooter. Can I ride with your group?
  5. What size bike do I need to ride with your group?
  6. Do I need a Harley to ride with your group?
  7. I already ride with the group and I am a memberr. Can I bring a friend on Ride Night?
  8. Where does your group ride?
  9. I had a beer while I was bbqing supper. Can I still ride tonight?

Answer 1:

No, It does not cost anything to join. We do expect some participation from our membership. After all you joined a club.

Answer 2:

No, it is not mandatory to buy patches or a vest. We do, because we are proud of who we are.

Answer 3:

No. We know you are excited, but you need to get familiar with your bike first and get your M2 before you can ride with our group. Congrats and Good Luck!

Answer 4:

No. We are a motorcycle riding club. We travel 80km/hour back roads and overnight rides could have us on the QEW or 400 series highways.

Answer 5:

We have had 250cc bikes ride with us. Long as they are comfortable riding their bike at the highest speed of the ride. So you could be travelling at 80km/hour on a normal ride night. 250 would be minimum. 500 is more the minimum recommended but everyone is welcome as long as they do not cause a safety concern.

Answer 6:

No. We do not discriminate by brand. We have a variety of bikes that ride with us. American and Metric.

Answer 7:

Our members are proud. They tell everyone who they ride with. Of course you can bring your friend to give us a try. They must meet the minimum requirements to ride with our group. They must be introduced to the Officers so they know a guest is present. They are welcome to ride with us 3 times. They then must decide if they would like to join our riding club.

Answer 8:

Our group rides on Wednesdays and Fridays. We usually will ride wherever 1 hour will take us on Wednesdays and 1.5 - 2 hours on Fridays.
We will usually stay within the Niagara Region on our ride nights. Coffee shops or ice cream parlours. Other group rides will be for charity rides and special events like Dover.

Answer 9:

Alochol is prohibited on our rides. Alcohol just prior to our ride or during our ride is not allowed. We do not wish to tell you to stay behind.
Please use common sense and do not jeopardize the safety of the group.